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How many of us have phones that tell us who is trying to call us? How many of us have phones that have music to tell us who is calling?

My sister tells me we don’t call enough. Therefore we don’t talk enough because my sister lives 190 miles away.

Did you know that God has a phone that tells him who is trying to call? He can see miles away but whenever we call He answers. But we don’t call Him with cell phones, we use a communication called prayer.

We can either communicate by complaining or calling on God positively by telling Him our situation and knowing He can change it.

God responds much more by the latter than He does by the former. An example from the Bible tells us that the nation of Israel came to a place called Mara in Exodus 15:23-25. There was water to drink. The problem was it was bitter to drink. Hence its name Mara. So what did the children of Israel do? They complained.

What did Moses do? Moses didn’t complain, Moses called upon God through the act of communication which of course is prayer.

God responded to Moses but not to the Israelites. I believe there is a lesson here in that we can constantly complain or we can constantly call upon God telling Him the issues that we are facing, believing that He is not only interested but also capable of answering our questions.

I love the Lord because he listens to my prayers for help. He paid attention to me, so I will call to him for help as long as I live.

Psalm 116:1-2

Psalm 116:1-2 in the Bible says I love the Lord because he hears my prayers. He bends down and listens. 

God had a choice to listen to the Israelites’ complaints or to listen to Moses’ prayer. He chose to answer Moses’ prayer because God answers prayer.

Today the shops are reopening and people have been queuing out all night to buy shoes according to the radio this morning. Some have already booked their appointment for haircuts and there is a mood of lifting from the depression that we have been under these last few months. 

We might have been complaining in this last year and still are perhaps in the circumstances of life, but I wonder if like Moses we might be better off calling upon God through our communication of prayer believing in a God who cares.

God cares about our situation more than we will ever do. After all, this is His planet. This is His creation. It was He Himself who brought all things into being and He cares for the human race. 

Let us be determined to call constantly upon God that we too might be able to say with confidence I called upon God and He heard my prayer and He answered my prayer.

Stay safe and blessed

Author Edward Lawrence

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