Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected

Therefore be on the alert, for you do not know which day your Lord is coming. 

Matthew 24:42

One of my favourite books is called The Hobbit. The book opens up with that title in many senses as Bilbo Baggins is having an ordinary day when suddenly at least twelve dwarfs appear on his doorstep all requiring food and shelter and from that moment on Bilbo Baggins life was never to be the same again.

Yesterday afternoon I thought what a beautiful sunny day. How wrong was my diagnosis for about an hour later I was running (at my age more of an attempt to run) as I was caught in a downpour of rain. The thunder followed, more rain came, and my wife called me to offer me a lift home, but alas too late. The rain had got me.

Some look at clouds, sky and some at the weather forecast to predict the weather, I know someone who has an app which tells him every hour the forecast. For all these gadgets the weather is still unpredictable, very much like life.

For many pupils last week was very much unpredictable as they received the results. Teachers predictions were very much like the weather forecasts and it left some pupils very distraught. 

Then we had the explosion in Lebanon. For years people had been unknowingly sitting on a time bomb and today the devastation is heartbreaking to see, so many lives in utter despair.

I am sure you can give your unexpected moment which you have experienced and it may even be a happy one. 

Today I am, along with millions of other people, awaiting an expected / unexpected moment. That seems a strange statement, well let me clarify. As a follower of Jesus, I am expecting Jesus to return. That is what Jesus predicted some 2000 years ago. The unexpected part is no one knows, a real guessing game. 

What I do know is I do not want like yesterday to be suddenly caught out when Jesus does return. 

Can I ask you the same question, are you ready for Jesus return?

For those who have never given it any thought, would you take time out today and think on that question.

Jesus is returning, sadly only for those who by faith have put their trust in Him by accepting that Jesus 2000 years ago was crucified to take our sin away, and three days later was resurrected from the grave, and today He waits in heaven ready to return back to earth. 

The unexpected/expected will happen and if you are wondering how to make sure you are ready I hope the following helps.

  • A – admit you are a sinner 
  • B – believe Jesus died in your place to take away that sin.
  • C – confess your sin and invite Jesus to come into your life and start following Jesus.

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Stay safe and Blessed.