Mountaintop Experiences

Mountaintop Experiences

When they looked up, they saw no one except Jesus. 

Matthew 17:8 NIV

This verse is one in which Peter James and John were on a mountain with Jesus and Moses and Elijah appeared. They were really enjoying what has often been described as a mountain top experience. Peter began as normal to talk without thinking and made a statement about making three shelters. At this point, Peter heard a voice which made him fall to the ground. He heard the words this is my son. In other words, there is non-equal to ‘Him, not Elijah or Moses, so no booths are required. When the voice stopped speaking they saw no one except Jesus. 

The reason for this verse is simple. There is no one to be compared to Jesus. Often we can get taken away in the moment and actually lose out.

Jeff Lucas comments “we can be utterly wrong, when we are in the midst of a genuine experience of meeting with God. Just because God moves, it does not mean that we always reach the right conclusions from the fact that God has moved”.

Let’s remember the ‘big’ moments when they happen, but realise that ultimately, we walk, not by great experiences, but by faith. Peter had this great moment yet a few weeks later! Well, we all know! 

The Transfiguration was a special event in which God allowed the trio to have a privileged spiritual experience that was meant to strengthen their faith for the challenges they would later endure. But it was only a temporary event. It was not meant to be permanent. 

In the same way, at certain times in this life, God may give us special experiences of his grace that strengthen our faith. Yesterday morning as I gathered with my family in Erdington I had a great time worshipping God and enjoying fellowship along with communion. Sunday is always a great uplifting time for me but I need to remember not to live in that memory, but that each day God wants to take me to a new experience in Himself. Always remember God always has more for us.

As I look forward to a new week and all that it has to bring, (some good, some not so good) let’s remember that Jesus wants us to live in the real world, daily relying upon him, seeking his face daily 

There will be times for mountaintop experiences, but also times when the valleys will come. Just remember Jesus Christ is always the same, no ups or downs or mood swings and that should give us confidence for the week that lies ahead.

Stay safe and blessed.