See It, Say It, Sorted!

See It, Say It, Sorted!

‘If you see anything that doesn’t look right, speak to staff or Text British Transport Police on 61016 – ‘We’ll’ sort it’!! – ‘See it, Say it, Sorted’…

This is the National Rail repetitive message displayed on trains to put the travelling public at ease should, for example, a suspicious looking piece of luggage or package have been left unattended. I also wonder if that includes suspicious looking Chaplain’s!!!!

This might, to some, be nothing more than an irritable slogan, but according to National Rail in the first year after the campaign launched, reports to the police by the public increased by 90 per cent, potentially preventing or disrupting a number of hostile acts. 

You ask the robbery victim who sees her attackers caught at the ticket barrier or the passengers who witness a man with a weapon on their station platform being stopped by police; they would be in no doubt that the ‘ad’ has done its job!

As you read of the life of Jesus in the Gospels, there are numerous occasions when Jesus saw a situation, spoke into it, and then it was ‘sorted’:-

I was reading the story in Luke 8:40-56 when Jesus brought back to life a 12 year- old girl; Jesus made habit of doing exactly what today’s advertising slogan was encouraging! Jesus spoke words of life to a grieving family, proving that He has authority over death. 

When Calming the Storm in Mark 4 :35-41, he spoke ‘peace’ into a chaotic situation – Jesus showed His authority over nature.

In Mark 2:1-12, Jesus heals a paralysed man after his 4 friends were determined to get to Jesus – Jesus spoke words of forgiveness as well as healing. Only Jesus has the authority to forgive sins.

These are but a few examples of Jesus when he saw something was wrong, he spoke into the situation and it was ‘sorted’!

And today it is no different! Jesus is still ‘sorting out’ our challenging and difficult situations.

I might see a situation but I don’t always say the right thing! I might see a situation and know that I’m not able to ‘sort it’; but with Jesus there is absolutely nothing that is beyond Him. 

Whatever you are dealing with today, invite Him into that situation. Jesus sees your dilemma, speaks words of hope into it and ‘sorts it’!!!!