Keep Going

Keep Going

So let’s not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good. At the right time, we will harvest a good crop if we don’t give up, or quit. Right now, therefore, every time we get the chance, let us work for the benefit of all, starting with the people closest to us in the community of faith.

Galatians 6:9 The Message

I don’t know about you, but yesterday for me was not great regarding the news. We had the results of young people’s exams, well not based on exams but (let’s call it a system) a collection of data and then we heard the breakout concerning the virus in more places in the U.K. Then very late last night an announcement was made that yet more countries have been added to the quarantine list. So now if you visit these countries you have to self-isolate on your return so all in all not a great day for news.

If you are one of the young people whose results were disappointing or one of those looking forward to visiting one of those countries today, this may not be a great day, so let me encourage you all do not give up.

Thousands of years ago people living in a place called Galatia felt like doing just that. What is the point you could hear them saying? Well says Paul who was writing a letter to them, at the right time a harvest crop comes, in other words, once you planted seeds there is not a great deal more you can do but that does not mean nothing is going to happen. They were tired, worn out, disappointed, no different from you and I at this present time, but let us not throw in the towel for who knows what will be achieved in the future by what we do in the present. Paul was trying to encourage a community to work for the mutual benefit of all and in this present crisis, we see so much of communities doing that right now. I believe we will see those benefits reap great rewards.

All of us grow weary from time to time in our day to day living as parents, grandparents, husbands, wives, employees and employers. In the social work world, it is known as “burnout.” It happens when a very dedicated, committed person suddenly wakes up and realizes he is tired. Tired of giving, tired of doing, tired of serving. He finds that the joy of service is gone. What is true in the secular world is also true in the spiritual world. The writers of the New Testament all realised that from time to time, those faithful followers of Jesus who were working for Jesus become weary. This issue is not common and is addressed in a number of Scriptures in the Bible to help and encourage. 

Take a very young person who was filled with disappointment yet kept going, his name was Joseph.

Disappointed in: Being hated by his own family. Sold as a slave. Sent to prison for a charge he did not commit. Forgotten by the butler.

Joseph never gives up and eventually, Joseph became commander in Egypt and saved nations from starvation. The secret we see is in the value of his character. 1This was centred in faith and trust in God. 2 Devoted to serving God and man with honour and dependability. 3. Unwilling to be deterred by the hatred, betrayal, and forgetfulness of others. 4. Willing to forgive the wrongs committed by others and finally (5) able to see the big picture, God’s wonderful workings in the affairs of men.

There are circumstances in our lives that can make us give up. To those young people, in particular, let me end with a gentleman who I hope will truly inspire you.

In June of 1955, Sir Winston Churchill, who was the near the end of his life, was asked to give a commencement address at a British university. At this time he was physically infirm; he had to be helped to the podium. Then he held on to the podium for what seemed an endless amount of time.

He stood with his head bowed down but finally looked up. Then the voice that years before had called Britain back from the brink of destruction sounded publicly for the last time in history: “Never give up. Never give up. Never give up.” With that, Churchill turned and went back to his seat.

The whole audience rose to applaud him. They rose to applaud him because here was a man whose life and words were together. During the darkest days of World War II when country after country was being swallowed by the Nazis when German planes were bombing English cities into piles of rubble when the threat of invasion seemed imminent when even the hardiest of souls was giving up hope, Churchill never lost hope and never gave up. 

Again and again, throughout his political career, Churchill had known setbacks. Three times, his career apparently over, he was sent off to oblivion. Three times he came back to lead his country. Here was a man who never gave up.

Stay Safe blessed and don’t give up!!