Just Eat

Just Eat

He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love.

Song of Solomon 2:4 English Standard Version (E.S.V)

There are lots of things food is associated with. For instance, special national occasions are often connected with food; the Jews have Passover, the Americans have Thanksgiving and we have Christmas.

We also tend to dine out on anniversaries, valentines, birthdays, etc. I know in these different times not so much, although this month prices are reduced for eating out in an attempt to get us back to the dining routine.

Have you ever been invited to a party? If so most people will provide food as well as that loud music they call disco.

What would happen if you were invited to someone’s house for dinner and an hour before the meal you ate fries, a coke, and a bar of chocolate? After all that food, you’d have little appetite for the food someone has gone to lengths to prepare for you.

I remember the classic Christmas episode of the Vicar of Dibley. She was invited to Christmas dinner by a few people and she accepted each one, so by the time she got to the last one well?

Secondly, when we’re dining we need time to enjoy the moment. I remember seeing a movie with a young lad who was rushing his food down so he could watch TV. His mum had to say slow down.

We too need to take time to enjoy the taste of the food and the people you are with. I can remember one Christmas sitting down at the dinner table and the four of us enjoying Christmas dinner and fellowship. Before we knew it hours had gone by. In fact, I left the dinner table with great satisfaction in having a lovely meal and great company.

Finally, there should be a thank you to the host. In certain countries you belch which pleases the host. We just say thank you. (Phew)

For followers of Jesus, there is also an occasion we remember which involves food and drink. It was originated by Jesus and He invites us to the dinner table

Do you have the appetite for it or are you involved with many other things? I hope not, for Jesus has prepared a meal by going to a cross and paying the penalty for all our wrong acts (sin). His Father raised Him from the dead and because He lives you and I can live too by putting our faith in Him and knowing the certainty of life eternally.

Secondly, He loves to spend time with me and you. How much time spent is up to us. I just want you to know Jesus gives us all that invitation. If we want fellowship with Jesus Just Ask.

Finally, you say thank you to the host for the meal, and I say thank you, Jesus, daily for the way you provided for me by your death and resurrection, and on a Sunday with my church family I again say thank you by taking a piece of bread and a cup of wine. Not a huge meal but it is a feast, for it reminds me. He has brought me to His banqueting house and His banner over me is love.

The wonderful thing about all of this my friends would not want me there every day to eat with them, but Jesus is the complete opposite. He says to me daily, Eddie Just Eat. So thank you, Jesus, for your invitation to dine with you.

Stay Safe and Blessed.