Faith Demonstrated

Faith Demonstrated

Yesterday we looked at prayer demonstrated as Daniel called his friends to pray in a time of crisis. Today, more than ever, most of my emails concern prayer and invitations to do just that. That, of course, is something we should do, but what about FAITH!!!

Daniel demonstrated that in chapter 1 believing God could and would demonstrate His power if Daniel took a step of faith.

This experience in chapter 1 shaped Daniel for his future as this faith would have to be demonstrated again and again throughout his life, no more than in the incident recorded in chapter 6. 

Here Daniel faces a lions’ den. The king, tricked by wicked people, put Daniel in an impossible situation which required another step of faith.

The king we know was saddened, could not sleep, eat, or be merry but lay all night anxious about the outcome.

How glad he was when he saw Daniel alive and well amongst the lions. The king’s FEAR had been quelled by Daniels FAITH.

Today you and I face the same situation, our very own lions’ den, not created by wicked men’s scheme, but nonetheless as powerful as this virus sweeps across the world (apart from Corfu, who Avril’s friend said yesterday had not one case). 

We need to decide to be a Daniel (FAITH) rather than a king (FEAR) while maintaining a healthy attitude to the power of this virus.

Have you had to express your faith in action before this virus? I am sure you have. Then draw from it, and do it again. 

Do you need faith? Then ask God who is more than willing to give it. Remember the man who asked Jesus for more faith. Jesus healed that man regardless of the amount of faith he had. God is more than willing to increase it. He does not want us to live in FEAR but in FAITH and on Sunday we are going to explore that subject to encourage us all just to take that little FATIH, demonstrate it and see what God can do.

How would you describe faith?

What is the difference between Faith and Blind Faith?