Partnership of Prayer

Partnership of Prayer

In Daniel 2:18 we see how Daniel asked his friends to pray that the God of heaven would show them mercy and help them understand this secret so he and his friends would not be killed with the other wise men of Babylon.

During every national crisis governments often call on the nation to pray. Churches were open almost 24/7 for people to pray during World War 2. Today we have a different scenario, one not too dissimilar to that of Daniel.

Remember Daniel was determined. When a death sentence was passed upon Daniel he did not panic (no corporal Jones here ). He knew exactly what to do, call his friends to pray. 

There are also times though when just two or three, or even a church come together to support one another.

Daniel did that, he decided not just to pray alone, he called his friends, who were also under the death sentence, to join him. This would be a united prayer meeting. Sometimes it is good to pray alone but sometimes we need others to join in partnering with us in prayer.

This morning Avril’s sister was promoted to Glory and Avril is grateful for the texts and support Avril has received. This means so much in times of crisis or pain to know you are not alone. 

The church was and is designed to be a partnership and it works better when that model is in operation.

The Dependence on God

It goes without saying that the above heading is our ultimate dependence, but God responded because of the partnership in prayer, so be encouraged together we will come through our crisis and like Daniel the first thing we will do is honour God and give Him praise. Daniel did not rush into the king acting smart, no! First must come praise to the one who we are dependant on, and you know what! I cannot wait till we are all at Erdington Elim Church together to have a big, big, praise party.

Partnership is vital.