Give Me A Reason To Be Joyful – Part 2

Give Me A Reason To Be Joyful – Part 2

Yesterday we looked at reasons to rejoice from Psalm 33. Let us conclude with the reason or cause to rejoice. For some, it will be the news from the PM today and the lifting of restrictions over the Christmas period. Yes, that is a reason to rejoice, but let us stay sensible. As good as that is it is not the reason I want to share but to go back to Psalm 33.

Here we are told about the Goodness of God (Hebrew chesed). This is also translated “unfailing love,” “loving-kindness,” “steadfast covenant love,” and “mercy”. That is something we all need today and God is so readily wanting to give us His goodness, a reason well worth considering. 

Then we have His Greatness. By the word of the Lord were the heavens made. God is to be praised, not only for His personal goodness but for the greatness of His creation as well. He collects the waters of the sea together as a heap. Although this is an allusion to Genesis 1:8, we cannot help but remember the accounts of Exodus 15:8 and Joshua 3:13–16. In each instance, the same Hebrew word (Heb neµd) is used and translated a heap. 

God can part the waters and bring them back together again.

Finally, the reason for praise is also summed up in verses 4–9 and 10–12 which is word.

The Lord’s word is dependable. I believe He spoke into existence all created things. Vegetation, animal life, and man were all created by God’s word. 

What tremendous power there is in His Word! I don’t know how He did it, but I do know that God did it, and that is the important thing.

God is the only person that you can completely trust. You can have lifelong friends. You can have all kinds of intimate relationships among your friends and family, but ultimately your human friends will let you down. 

Proverbs 18:24, A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. And that friend is the Lord Jesus Christ. God has given us His Living Word (Jesus), His written word (the Bible) and is giving us His revealed word as it is spoken by the Holy Spirit to believers through that still small voice in their inner man. We can trust God because He is worthy of our praise.

Stay safe and Blessed