Give Me A Reason To Be Joyful

Give Me A Reason To Be Joyful

Psalm 23

For most of us, we have been awaiting some reason to be joyful regarding this coming Christmas. Who would have thought that just been able to meet our families would bring us a reason to be joyful. I guess we are all appreciating the simple things of life in regard to how precious they really are. I think sometimes I feel like an orphan not being able to be with family and friends.

What this psalm does though, it gives me great heart and comfort to know who is in control, thereby giving me hope and a reason to be joyful.

Take time to read this psalm and you will find we are called to praise (vv. 1–3), and then given the cause for praise (vv. 4–19), ending with a great conclusion (vv. 20–22)

Call to praise in three ways…

  1. Sing joyfully to the LORD.
  2. With the harp; make music to him on the ten-stringed lyre. Any instrument will do, yes even the spoons.
  3. Sing to him a new song, and shout for joy.

Our situation may not be great but God wants us to rise above that. One way for followers of Jesus to do this is by singing and listening to praise songs. We are spoilt by so much choice. Never has it been easier to download Christian music than it is today. Ian White has recorded many of the Psalms to which we can sing along. 

God loves when we do what we were created to do Praise him with song… with our words and with music. Notice that it says it is OK to sing new songs. But regardless of what kind of song we sing and what kind of instrument we play, we are to do it skilfully to the best of our ability. 

Who can praise Him. …you righteous… only those who are righteous have the right to praise Him. People in the world talk about God with respect. Sometimes they even give Him credit for things in their own lives.

In the New Testament Paul encourages us to do “spiritual songs” (Eph. 5:19; Col. 3:16). As such, it is a fresh, spontaneous expression of worship and praise sung to God from the hearts of dedicated worshippers. Both the words and the melody are often spontaneously created.