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Have you ever heard someone try to back out of a commitment by saying, “Promises were made to be broken”?

Unfortunately, that’s often true with human beings. We people are likely to disappoint each other by going back on our word.

Today let me inform you God always keeps His promises.

In the first book of the Bible (Gen. 15:12–20) God called a man called Abraham to leave the place where he lived and promised that He was going to give him and his descendants a place of their own to live in.

Well, centuries later God once again repeated the promise this time to Abraham’s descendant Moses. God gave Moses the task of taking over two million people out of Egypt to the home promised. You will find that in Exodus 3:8.

Well, the people refused to go to the land, so the promise ceased? No God had made a promise and forty years after the people refused God appointed another person to make the promise come true.

This final account can be read in the book of Joshua.

What I learn from this is God never breaks a promise. Let me ask you, what about you? Have you broken a promise and that has caused pain to someone? If so are you prepared to put it right?

Secondly, God keeps his promise even when obstacles such as the people he wants to help him refuse to help. What about us? Do we allow obstacles to give us the excuse not to fulfil our promise?

Finally, I learn God always keeps His promise even though it looks as if He has forgotten. Time is going by and yes a promise not fulfilled does not mean it won’t happen. God sums up time like this. A thousand years is like a day, and a day is like a thousand years. So if God has given you a promise I want you to know unlike us He will come through.

Joshua gives an account of God making good on this commitment. It testifies to the truth about God’s promises that Joshua told his people shortly before his death: “All have come to pass for you; not one word of them has failed” (Josh. 23:14).

Let me leave you with some wonderful promises God has given us and in these different time hang onto them for God does not lie. If this is what He has promised it will eventually come to pass.

Promises of God

I will be with you. I will protect you. I will be your strength. I will answer you. I will provide for you. I will give you peace. I will always love you.

Stay safe and blessed.

Author Edward Lawrence

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