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In these very challenging times, we are finding some things we do have to be done differently and sadly in some cases not all. Our church calendar has been changed with some of the usual programmes just not possible.

One of these is our yearly shoebox service which we as a church have always had high on our agenda.

That does not mean we cannot support this wonderful project and it is not too late for you to participate. You can go online and donate and ensure children who would not otherwise receive any gift this Christmas without your generosity can still have something in this different year to look forward to.

The reason I say this is as followers of Jesus I believe we need to do three small yet significant things which are
See Step Show

  1. SEE! You must be aware of someone else as a person. You must take an interest in them.
  2. STEP! Step into their shoes! Try to see things from their point of view. Try to feel what they feel in their circumstances.
  3. SHOW! Demonstrate your feeling for them in practical terms. Listen to their problem. Speak to them kindly. Help where help is needed

Jesus the one we follow did that throughout the whole of His life and there are so many examples of doing that.

Jesus taught a new doctrine that was revolutionary to the Jews. His teaching about relationships between God and man, between man and his fellows, turned upside down the traditions and ideas of the religious leaders of His day.

One of the ideas He exploded was that of God belonging solely to the Jews. Jesus taught that God is a loving Father who cares for all, Jews, and Gentiles alike. Some of His parables spoke of cherished objects lost and eagerly sought.

The happiness that resulted from the recovery of the lost coin, the missing sheep, and the return of a wayward son, matched God’s happiness when one sinner returned to Him.

Jesus’ ministry was to people of all kinds. God is concerned for each individual that all may become ‘sons of God’. The infinite care and concern that Jesus showed for everybody illustrates God’s attitude towards us.

A crowd in front of Jesus was not a sea of faces, but a group of individuals, each with varying needs, and He treated each one accordingly.

A simple shoebox gift is changing the lives of so many children. That’s a positive and the great news is if you did a shoebox you were part of that positivity.

Last year alone Samaritans Purse delivered more than 11 million shoeboxes to children around the world. God used these simple gifts to change the lives of many boys and girls and their families. After the outreach events where children received their shoeboxes, over 2 million went on to enrol in The Greatest Journey programme. Using trained local teachers these children were part of a programme that teaches them how they can discover Jesus for themselves, and begin their own journey of faith.

Many of them are now enthusiastically sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with others. Simple shoebox gifts, packed with love and prayer, open doors for the gospel to be preached in over 100 countries. Local pastors across the globe are thankful for the opportunity these shoeboxes provide to multiply the impact of the Gospel in their communities.

This of course just does not apply to packing a shoebox only but in everything we do, let us keep these three simple steps and change the place where we live by See, Step and Show.

Keep safe and Blessed.

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