Hope (Cross My Fingers…)

Hope (Cross My Fingers…)

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

Romans 15:13

I have often watched programmes on TV where contestants hoping to win prizes cross their fingers as they wait what seems an eternity for the answer to be revealed I am not sure where the crossing of one’s fingers originated but I guess most have done it at some time.

So can we have hope for certainty?

I think we all can but perhaps we are looking in the wrong place. I am notorious for losing keys etc but quite often they are in my trouser pockets all the time. 

I even have found coins in my jacket pocket, money I had forgotten all about. You see I had my keys and money all the time but had just forgotten I had put them there.

believe God is telling us much the same He has hope for us all. We have hope but have just forgotten we actually do.

As a church family, we discovered on Sunday what God really has for us in Ephesians chapter 1 and yet we can miss out on it.

So let me tell you God loves you completely and immensely and wants to fill you with unlimited love and unlimited hope. 

To do this He sent Jesus and as Jesus told the religious leaders of His day Jesus could give them real-life if they would only believe in HIm. 

There’s one problem with hope. It doesn’t come naturally. It’s natural for us to cross our fingers and hope for the best. It’s harder to believe in God. God is our hope! So, for us to live a life of hope, we must know the object of our hope. 

To help people believe in Jesus for hope Jesus did signs that we call miracles. Jesus did them so people would see those miracles and believe by reacting to Him. That reaction would result in putting their hope and trust in Jesus.

Here are a few miracles Jesus did (they can be found in John’s) Gospel to help you believe in Him and to give you hope that if He could do it 2000 years ago He can still do it today for you, so you don’t have to cross your fingers or believe in luck!

Reference In John’s GospelSign
2: 1 – 11Water into Wine
4: 46 – 54Healed a sick boy
5: 1 – 18Healed a Man at a Pool
6: 1 – 14Fed 5000 people 
6: 6 – 21Walking on water 
9: 1 – 41Heals a Blind Man
11: 41 – 44Raised Lazarus from the dead

Today, be encouraged to make the God of hope, your hope through Christ.

Stay safe and blessed.