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Because of our faith, Christ has brought us into this place of undeserved privilege where we now stand, and we confidently and joyfully look forward to sharing God’s glory. 

Romans 5:2

Yesterday morning in our church service we spoke about privilege. We stated how years ago there was an advert from an insurance company that wanted you to have the privilege no matter who you were. I’m also reminded of another advert in which they called it a flexible friend (Access).

Today let’s continue with that theme of the privilege we have when we become followers of Jesus. This privilege gives us access into the very presence of God. Today more than ever people are longing for peace and yet the Bible tells me that we can know peace and the privilege of access to God.

You see I have a bank card. If I ever need to get some money from the bank machines, I just put the card in the slot, punch in a secret number and I am able to access the money. That’s pretty neat. Now, could anybody just go to the bank and get my money? No. In order for that to happen, they would need my card and access number. The privilege is my card gives me access to my money. 

The same is true with a key I was entrusted with keys when I started to work for the church. They gave me some keys to access certain cupboards and doors. Lose the keys ( which I have on numerous occasions) and I cannot get access.

It’s the same way with God. We just can’t access God any way we want to. God has given us a special way that we can reach Him by Jesus Christ. Jesus gives us the privilege that is our access to God. Just in the same way the bank card and key give me access.

Today God wants you to have the privilege of knowing Him and having that access at any time, any place and anywhere. You won’t lose Him and you won’t need to remember a four-digit code. 

The privileges belonging to us are help and security in this life and the future of eternal life.

Have you had the privilege? I do hope so. If not consider what God can do for you.

Prayer: Thank you God for loving us so much, that you would let Jesus Christ provide the way for us to reach you. Amen. 

Stay safe and blessed.

Author Edward Lawrence

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