How Great Is Your God?

How Great Is Your God?

Without question Chris Tomlin’s song “How Great Is Our God” would make my top ten, along with another song “Love Ran Red”. Both of these songs reflect the God I believe and trust in.

There are millions if not billions of people who claim to worship or believe in a God. In this time of crisis they are praying to their God. I too am praying to my God and want to unpack what my God is and means to me.

Who is my God?

Many describe my God with a word not found in the Bible (the book on which I base my life)  Trinity

It deals with three divine eternal beings Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

 If I take an egg for example…….

  • The Shell – would you call that an egg?
  • The White – would you call that egg?
  • The Yolk – would you call that egg?

Actually the egg has three parts to it: the shell, the white and the yolk. So it is with the Trinity. The Godhead is one – just as the egg is one – yet made up of three persons The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit, just as the egg is made up of the Shell, the white and the Yolk. I believe in One God, the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

My God is a God who is powerful, holy, perfect, loving, merciful and righteous. That righteousness though means there is a judgemental side which we cannot ignore. Yet that judgemental side is also coupled with a side of great forgiveness and indeed has consistently provided for the human race in times of crisis. 

From the very first man and woman God provided. He clothed those two people (Adam and Eve) provided an Ark for eight (Noah and his family), saved a nation (the Jews) from disaster and finally a world, yes a world through the giving of His son.

Today my God is still a saving God, offering mercy to all who will come and put their trust in Him. 

You see my God is all knowing, all powerful, all present and eternal He promises me an eternal life for the future, but while I await He promises today to be with me. As He said “Do not be afraid I have overcome” That is how great my God is, and He welcomes you too to join His family. As we look further at my God this week I hope it gives you encouragement and hope.

Have a great day and keep safe.