I Have A Dream

I Have A Dream

There is something we do every night but often we do not remember doing it. It is of course dreaming.

There is a song by Abba which recites these words “I have a dream, a fantasy”

At this time may I ask my neighbours to forgive me as I am trying my best to play or should I say learn that song on the piano. Not that I am sure you are interested but I am also learning Any dream will do via piano.

Anyway, it reminds me of the story of a young man who did something very bad and ran away from home. He ran into a desert and being alone, frightened and very tired he found a rock and used it as a pillow and went to sleep.

He dreamed a dream, in which a ladder appeared to come down from heaven. He heard a voice speak to him in the dream assuring him if he would surrender his life to God things could turn out very differently to what they were at that time. 

The young man (Jacob) awoke and knew that this was more than a dream and certainly not a fantasy, it was real. This young man surrendered his life to God and found someone who would never leave him and would protect and provide for him throughout his entire life. His life would have many troubles and blessings and would later form a nation we know today as the Israelites.

I want to encourage you today the same dream applies to you and me.

There is a ladder reaching from earth to heaven, not a physical ladder but one called Jesus Christ. The Bible says there is one God and one mediator so that human beings can reach God. That way is through Christ Jesus, who is himself human. He gave himself as a payment to free all people. He is proof that came at the right time. 1 Timothy 2:5-6 NCV 

Simply doing what that young man did and putting your trust in Jesus will give you all the security and hope you will ever need.

In these different times, we are all dreaming and wishing for an end to this virus and a cure which at least will help us to cope with life.

You may well be tired, frustrated and even unsure about life. God would remind you the He is here for you and you can trust Him to take care of you. There is a ladder, a stairway to heaven, not in a song, but in a person who reminds you, He will never leave you or forsake you no matter what desert or storms you go through. His name is Jesus and you can access heaven today by putting your trust in Him.

Stay safe and blessed.

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