I Know You

I Know You

Yesterday we spoke about how God has a purpose and a plan for our lives and for me personally, reading The Purpose Driven Life was a great asset and help.

“Yes, Lord,” he said, “you know that I love you.” 

John 21:15

Sometimes we can feel that surely others must be the ones that God has called and for one guy in particular he truly must have felt like that. So much so he decided to go back to his former life. He had for three years given up that life and started a new one by becoming a follower of Jesus. Something had gone dreadfully wrong to the point he decided I’m truly washed up. We can all feel like that but it is not true.

I want to encourage you this morning that all followers of Jesus can feel overwhelmed by it all. It generally happens when we have let God down. 

Certainly, the guy we are talking about did just that. Of course, you will know who I’m talking about. His name is Peter. This Sunday I will be speaking much more on this young man.

So Peter goes back fishing. It was there that Peter had his great encounter with Jesus. Jesus came looking for Peter because Jesus had not given up on Peter and he has not given up on you.

When I read this beach conversation I notice Jesus never grabbed him by the collar, never threatened him or ridiculed him in front of everyone else. In fact, he doesn’t even mention what Peter had done.

What God does though is He convicts Peter by simply asking a question “do you love me?” Jesus actually said to Peter how much do you love me? Where would you put me in your top three Peter? 

This is a loving encounter, yes a loving encounter, because that’s how Jesus dealt with Peter. Peter simply says you know and those two words you need to take to heart Jesus knows.

So if you’re feeling this morning you have let God down I want you to know Jesus still reaches out to you and He knows how much you mean to Him. 

Finally, as I leave this I want you to notice that Jesus trusted Peter to do the work that Jesus was doing as Jesus was now going to heaven. Yes, unbelievably Jesus commissioned Peter to build His church. Just a minute you’re saying this is the guy who said he doesn’t even know you. Are you sure you can trust this man with such a responsible job? I can almost hear Jesus’s words, yes I can because I know Peter.

Be encouraged Jesus still has a job for you to do and He still trusts you because He knows you. Stay safe and blessed.