You Are Here

You Are Here

Have you ever visited a city for the first time and suddenly you are lost? We have a couple of options; we can ask someone, or we can head for the big map that is generally in every town centre which has a little red dot, simply saying “you are here”. 

From there you can find a place you want to go to. Of course, nowadays you would probably just get your phone out and allow it to direct you.

I wonder how you feel about life? What is the purpose? Why are you here? If you were to ask a scientist, philosopher, or educationist I’m sure they would give you a reason, and I’m sure there are many more professions that would give you an answer to that question.

I wonder though if there is someone else who could answer that question for us? I am talking about the creator of every human being. Surely He must know why you are here?

There is a series I have done several times and it’s called the Purpose Driven Life. We are told certain facts about the reason we are here. In fact, the bottom of the book actually states those words “What on earth am I here for”? The writer Rick Warren asks you to read one chapter a day for 40 days.

I have found doing this on several occasions very helpful in refocusing the whole question of why I am here. Let me assure you God has a plan and a purpose and very much a reason as to why you are here. People say that life is what you make it. I disagree. I believe life is when you allow God to make it. He planned you. He wants you and he has a desire for you to fulfil a fruitful life here on planet Earth. More than that He wants to prepare you for your life in eternity.

You see God loves you so much that when we messed up God had a plan which would involve the death of His only son Jesus. The Bible reminds us that God so loved the world (that was His passion) that He gave us His only son (personally) that whosoever believes in Him should have everlasting life. That was the price. Jesus became the red dot and from Him, you can find the way to life, as He said I am the way.

I personally would recommend you doing one chapter per day of this book the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. As I said to you yesterday about running with the ball when we come out of this lockdown that God wants you to know there is a future, there is hope, because God loves us and God designed us to enjoy life. I believe to do that we must surrender our lives to God.

Why do I say this? Well let me end by asking you when you buy a product and you cannot find out exactly how the product works what do you do? I know what I do, I look for the manual or I call the people who made the product. You might say to me well of course you would. That is common sense. Then let me ask you why is it not common sense to go to the author of life. You will find Him I believe when you read His word in the Bible or talk to Him in conversation we call prayer. I believe He will answer you and tell you why you are here.

Stay safe and blessed

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