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It is Tuesday Day 3 in the last week of Jesus’ life and here, as promised, is the events Jesus will encounter today.

  • Leaves Bethany
  • Finds the fig tree withered; teaches on faith
  • Enters the temple and its precincts; confounds and pronounces woes upon His enemies
  • Leaves city; Discourse on way back to Bethany
  • Judas bargains with Sanhedrin to betray Jesus
  • Jesus spends the night in Bethany

Verses to go with events – Matthew 21:20, Mark 11:20, Luke 20:36 &  John 12:20

Looking forward to seeing you at 7.30 pm. It won’t be the same without you!!!!!


Pastor Paul has written this for the guys where he works and I think we benefit from it too.

 JESUS: The Humble King.

John 13:1-15 – Jesus Washes His Disciples’ Feet. & 2 Chronicles 7:14 

Imagine that the King of the world arrives at a meal with His disciples after a day of ministering in the streets. Their feet are dusty and etiquette dictates that a servant should wash the feet of the guests before the evening meal is served. 

The disciples are in no hurry too ‘serve’ each other, so Jesus does something different and unthinkable. He chooses to take the role of the servant.

Humility is a misunderstood word in our world. We seem to think that being humble means putting ourselves down, not believing in ourselves, or being willing to put ourselves forward for something we know we would be good at. 

The enemy would have us believe that stepping up and doing something well makes us full of pride and self-exaltation, but the truth is this: humility is about not thinking of ourselves too highly. It’s about knowing that we are no better than anyone else, yet still fulfilling the call that God has placed on our lives. 

If I had been at the meal in John 13, I could have easily been like the disciples and been focussed on my needs. Our western society encourages us to ‘Satisfy yourself first’. Take care of number one and then worry about the rest!!!

But Jesus was totally focussed on His mission – to share His love in humility and service. He is our ‘Servant King’.

In our current situation, thank God for everyone who is prepared to serve others and may each of us choose to live in His will. ‘Your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven’….

Closing Prayer:

Thank you, Lord, that you didn’t come into the world to be served, but to serve. Servant King, in these challenging times, please help us to think more of others than we think of ourselves. Help us to be more like you, filled with humility and not pride. We want to be people who serve like You do, seeing and acting on the needs around us.                                   Amen. 

‘So, let us learn how to serve, and in our lives enthrone Him, (Taken from the Servant King by Chris Llewellyn / Graham Kendrick / Gareth Gilkeson)

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