Real Worship

Real Worship

I believe there is no record in the Gospels of Jesus’ movements on the fourth day. However there would be much activity going on as Jesus prepares for the Last Supper and as Judas and the Sanhedrin prepare for Jesus’ arrest. 

Once again Jesus decides to be with his friends. Unlike the other days, it appears Jesus does not visit Jerusalem and stays in Bethany throughout the day with his friends and spends yet another night there. 

Paul mentioned last night about Mary’s worship, which reminded me of something I wrote years ago while I was at Reading and believe it is relevant to share with us here at Erdington today. 

Jerusalem was the place of worship and yet this account is not about the big city but a house where one lady was to bring her devotion and worship.

Example for us today –  we cannot go to our building or gather in Pype Hayes, but we can bring our devotion and worship in our own homes. I urge you to read that account of Mary’s worship and bring your own worship right where you are.


  1. Sat at Jesus feet – Luke 10:39 – RESTED
  2. Heard His word – Luke 10:39 – RECEIVED
  3. Put first things first – Luke 10:42 – RIGHTFUL
  4. Anointed Jesus – John 11:2-12:3 – RESPONSE
  5. Had faith in Him – John 11:32 – RELIANT

As we come to worship and remember the Lord’s death and resurrection this Holy Week, it would be good to reflect like Mary our position in Christ. 

While Martha ran to and fro, Mary is seen first of all to be at Jesus feet in a RESTFUL position. As we enter into Holy Week let’s take time to rest in God’s presence, and enjoy His fellowship. 

Mary was not only resting but RECEIVING. The verse tells us Mary heard His word. Mary was ready to receive. May that be our intention this Holy Week to receive from Christ as He would speak to us through song, prayer, word etc. 

Thirdly Mary knew the RIGHTFUL place. Mary put Christ first, the centre. Martha was distracted from the rightful place and Christ lovingly has to tell Martha that Mary had chosen the good part v42. Let’s be a Mary and give Him His rightful position at the centre. 

Mary’s RESPONSE to worshipping puts me to shame, Mary’s love is clearly seen in her expense, and humility as she poured out her love for Him. Our response will be according to how much He means to us. 

Lastly Mary’s faith was  RELIANT. Mary could say in John 11:32 “If You had been here he would not have died”. Mary’s trust and dependance on Christ was rewarded, so will ours be as our position in Christ this morning is dependant on what He has done. All He asks is that we have the faith of Mary to trust in that finished work. According to our faith so be it.