No Ordinary Crucifixion

No Ordinary Crucifixion

If the Scriptures were silent as to Jesus itinerary yesterday, well today is the complete opposite. 

Here begins the final countdown of Jesus’ life. What a packed day is in store. Jesus begins with final preparations for Passover.

Jesus also begins to speak to his disciples for the final time in those amazing chapters from John 13 to 17. It is packed with so much information. We have that amazing chapter in John14. It also contains Jesus prayer and the final message to his disciples.

There’s just so much we could focus on in the last hours of Jesus’s life. And the list below shows you the highlighted events of those last hours.


Peter and John sent to make preparation for Passover meal

After sunset, Jesus eats meal with the twelve; washes disciples feet; Judas departs

Lord’s Supper instituted

To Garden of Gethsemane; Jesus’ agony

Betrayal by Judas; arrest by Sanhedrin

To house of High Priest as Sanhedrin is convened; Peter betrays Jesus

Matthew 26:1 Mark 14:1 Luke 22:1.

Why is the final countdown of Jesus life so important?  Many people have been crucified so what is special about Jesus? 

Why Jesus?

We are given information about this man thousand of years before He was born. These prophecies included specific details about the one who would come as the deliverer, such as:- 

  1. He would be born in Bethlehem 
  2. Of a Virgin 
  3. He would be betrayed by a friend 
  4. And sold for thirty pieces of silver 
  5. He would be struck and spat on 
  6. While his hands and feet would be pierced 
  7. And so would his side 
  8. The soldiers would throw dice for his clothes 
  9. While never breaking a bone of this body
  10. He would be buried in a rich man’s grave 
  11. And would rise again from the dead,
Aspects of Jesus’ DeathOld Testament Reference
In obedience to His Father (18:11)Psalm 40:8
Announced by Himself (18:32; see 3:14)Numbers 21:8, 9
In the place of His people (18:14)Isaiah 53:4-6
With evildoers (19:18)Isaiah 53:12
In innocence (19:6)Isaiah 53:9
Crucified (19:18)Psalm 22:16
Buried in a rich man’s tombIsaiah 53:9

Do you know what the odds would be for anyone person fulfilling even any eight of the eleven prophecies listed above? 

It would be like hiring the largest stadium in the world and filling it to overflowing with sweet wrappers – all of which were red except just one which was white. Then blindfolding someone and asking them to draw out the white wrapper on their first attempt. 

Jesus knowing these prophecies did not try to alter any of the prophecies for his own benefit, how he would die, stop his executioners, just the opposite, he said for this reason I was born in Matthew 20: 28 He knew He had come for one purpose that was to die.  

I believe as we head up to Good Friday this Jesus is worth investigating for yourselves. This is no ordinary crucifixion!!!!