The Trials and Crucifixion of Jesus

The Trials and Crucifixion of Jesus

First trial, starts after the arrest in the garden where Jesus comes before Annas during the night. 

Second trial is before the Sanhedrin where Jesus is condemned and badly treated by the religious people of His day.

Third trial, as day breaks we come to the final trials of Jesus and of course Peter’s denial.

Fourth trial, here enters Pilate and begins his interrogation. He bottles it and sends him to Herod.

Fifth trial, before Herod. Herod was anxious to meet this Jesus as he has heard so much about Jesus. After interrogation he sends him back to Pilate.

Sixth trial, before Pilate. Pilate given opportunity to set Jesus free but pressure of crowd (Crucify Him or we will tell Rome!”) is too great and Jesus sentenced to death.

The soldiers mock and scourge while planting a crown of thorns upon Jesus head.

Jesus bears His cross out of the city and becomes too weak so Simon of Cyrene is appointed to carry it to Calvary.

Jesus is crucified around 9am.

Judas hangs himself.

Read Matthew 26:1 Mark 14:53 Luke 22:54 John 18:13

On the cross Jesus gives seven statements 

  1. “Father, forgive them…”
  2. “Today…with me in paradise”
  3. “Woman, behold thy son…” [darkness: noon – 3 pm]
  4. “My God, My God…”
  5. “I thirst”
  6. “It is finished”
  7. “Into Thy hands…”

It Is Finished 

  • We believe it is around 3 pm that the veil was torn from top to bottom
  • The soldier pierces Jesus’ side and out flows blood and water.
  • Jesus buried at sundown