Nothing Can Separate Us From Him

Nothing Can Separate Us From Him

Remember God is with us and nothing can separate us from Him. Let us do the same with one another.

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Pop star Justin Bieber has led thousands of his fans in prayer for the coronavirus outbreak.

Taking to social media site Instagram at his home in Los Angeles where he is self-isolating with wife Hailey, Bieber talked with his ‘Beliebers’ about the pandemic.

He told viewers that he wanted to end with a prayer but said fans didn’t have to believe in the same things as him.

“God, we thank you so much for this day,” he said. “I thank you so much that you have everything in control. You know the beginning from the end and you’re not surprised by this whole thing that’s happening.

“God, we know that these things don’t come from you, that these things are unexplainable, but God, we trust you in these times, and we just ask God that you would make this go away as soon as possible.”