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It has been a hectic couple of days, loaded with info from HQ and having to close down church as well sorting out a funeral and school. I feel now has the right time to communicate on the way ahead. The Leadership met on Monday evening via a conference call to discuss the current situation.

I intend to continue working and my desire is to ensure we keep together as a church family. To that end I intend to do the following.

  • Contact you regularly by phone, text, email or zoom conference.If you do not want me to keep in touch please let me know.
  • To prepare meetings twice a week where we all join in by zoom conference. These meetings will be 30 minutes. More on how to use Zoom will follow. Do not panic it is easy to set up and call if you have problem.
    • Sunday morning meeting (30 minutes) will be at 11 am so you can log in 5 minutes before. It will consist of worship (thanks Kevin and Wendy), communion, so please have bread and wine ready before service. A message from our GS (8 minutes) not to be missed really relevant and a final song if time.
    • Tuesday’s meeting (30 minutes) starts 7.30 pm, this is a great opportunity where we can talk to one an other and really encourage you to do so, we are in this together as a family.
  • Constantly be in touch with my boss and HQ to keep you fully updated.
  • Two of our sisters have kindly said they will help all those who need help. Are you willing help? Please let me know.
  • Rob and I have re done database with names and emails so I am trusting we have not missed anyone. There are a few whose email I have not got so I will therefore be contacting by text. From now though please check your emails as this will be our communication.

Finally the reason I write is those who came out last Sunday know the amazing time we had and how much the Lords presence has been with us in our services over the last few weeks. I want you to know that church may be closed in the sense of us meeting together at Erdington Elim, but church is going on, although in a different format, and we are continuing to expect the Lords presence as normal when we meet.These are trying and difficult days with so much uncertainty, but hold onto one certain fact Jesus is still in control and desires our fellowship as a family. 

Let us remain resolute to keep our family here together.


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