The Apprentice Continues

The Apprentice Continues

I spoke early in the week about being an apprentice and I have discovered a quote but I do not know where it comes from.

Becoming a Christian is more than being sorry for sin, crying out to God for a helping hand, or an emotional moment in a moving service. It is embracing the role of an apprentice, and submitting ourselves to the purposes of God. 

This process is found in the book of Philippians chapter 1 verse six, which says

He that has begun a good work in you will continue to do it until he comes again. 

Philippians 1:6

The coming again of course is the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

You see there came a time after four years that I finally had to sit both my theory and my practical exams. Passing my theory and practical exams meant ceasing to be an apprentice and being allowed to be a fully-fledged engineer. This, however, did not mean that I knew at all, in fact in the next few months I certainly was to find out how little I knew.

It’s the same in our spiritual life. There never comes a time when we are fully discipled, which is why Jesus wanted us to know that He would be with us and help us throughout our entire life.

Finally, let me end today with a question. If somebody said that they were going to give you something really valuable what would you choose? 

Jesus has given us something really valuable, a relationship with Him but He has more to give us. Sometimes we don’t really get excited about what God has for us because we don’t understand how valuable it is. We don’t understand that what God has for us, is His very best. If we knew how much God had for us, and how great His plan for us was, nothing could stop us from doing everything to get it. The more we allow Jesus to control our lives the better it becomes, trust me. 

Does that mean it is going to be free? Sadly no! Let me revert back to my apprenticeship days. There was a cost to being an apprentice. I had to buy books, tools, obey my mentor who would have to be very firm at times, attend college and the wages were very poor to name a few.

Following Jesus will cost us financially, socially and professionally. Giving Jesus first place in our lives is a cost. Lovingly and cheerfully surrendering our finances and obedience to Him will be at a cost.

I had to make a decision that the costs were worth paying for my apprenticeship and you have to make the same decision too.

My final word today is I believe it is a cost worth paying to know Jesus and I hope you do too and will daily come under His directorship for your life.

Stay safe and Blessed.