The Birth Of The Church – Part 2

The Birth Of The Church – Part 2

But when the Holy Spirit comes to you, you will receive power. You will be my witnesses—in Jerusalem, in all of Judea, in Samaria, and every part of the world.”

Acts 1:8

Have you ever been to the fair and ridden the Ghost Train? Can I confess I never have (no, not because I was scared too). It never had any appeal to me, I would head off to the rifle stand to try and win a coconut.

The idea of the ghost train I believe is to be scared and you know that fits into the same category for some as the Holy Spirit.

As a child, I would hear people say Holy Ghost which conjured up all sorts of things in my mind, a Ghost!!!

A better terminology would be to say Holy Spirit, and yet even that can cause confusion. We understand the term Father and Son but not so much Spirit.

So Who are You?

  1. Yesterday I described the Holy Spirit as real. 
  2. To understand more about the Spirit I have to read the Bible for in there contains the information required so let us do that.

The Bible describes the Holy Spirit with these abilities


  • Omniscience Quality of Knowing all things
  • Omnipresence Being everywhere
  • Omnipotence Being all-powerful
  • Eternality Having no beginning or end

These abilities take it out of the realm of being a human being, a thing, an entity. It tells me so much more. It gives me the reason why our text says when the Spirit would fall upon them (these attributes) they would receive power and be able to to be a witness for the message God wants you and I to know.

Remember these people had just seen their leader crucified, raised again and now ascended to heaven and they were now completely on their own with only themselves to encourage and still in fear of the religious leaders of their day.

God never intended for the human race. 

  1. Living in fear is a dreadful thing as we all know in these different times. 
  2. Living without the hope and the ability to think we can come through these different times. 
  3. Not knowing what lies in front of this can be scary too. 

Good news we do not have to. Those attributes of the Holy Spirit are to enable us to know that an eternal and real person will come and dwell with us. Knowing he knows and sees and is everywhere in our present world and situation fills me and I hope you too with great expectancy and assurance that whatever life throws at us there is someone we can depend on to see us through.

The church started out in an upper room with just over a hundred people and in sixty years had dramatically changed the landscape of their day. This was due to the mighty influence of the Holy Spirit transforming their lives. The Holy Spirit is still available you and I still has the power to transform lives.

How can I receive Him?

The Holy Spirit comes into our lives when we accept that we are sinners and need to be forgiven of our sins and believe Jesus Christ died for our sins. Therefore on that basis, we ask Jesus Christ to forgive us and come into our hearts. The moment we do we receive the Holy Spirit.


Jesus said I will send someone like me, exactly like me to take my place and when I go to heaven He will give you comfort, peace, joy and be with you in everything you will ever face in life.

Seems to me like someone I want to know, I hope you do too.