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A football manager likes to call himself the special one, or has been nicknamed that (no prize for knowing who that is), but did you know that is what we are to God; special ones?

Did you also know that is how God sees church? The church is made up of people so when you say I don’t need church you are really saying I don’t need people. Yet that is not how God sees it. Jesus himself needed people while here on earth and had a plan for when He left this earth. 

So why should you love Church?

Here I think are some reasons 

  1. Jesus designed and built the church.
  2. Jesus paid for the church.
  3.  It is a church of victory.
  4.  It is a church that is eternal. 

Jesus designed and built the church

The church means “Called Out Ones”. That simply means God is asking people to follow Jesus and a new way of living. Part of that new way of living is to let people know that we can have a relationship with an eternal being.

Aristotle, for example, said that while it might be possible to venerate and appease the gods, actual intimate friendship with a god was impossible. 

How could God be our intimate friend? How could we approach him with complete confidence? 

So our answer to Aristotle and all the other philosophers and religious teachers of the world is because God (Jesus) became like us. That is why we can draw near.

Jesus eliminates the gap so that we can know God as a friend. The Bible tells us because Jesus was…

made like you and me, fully human in every way, in order that Jesus might become a merciful and faithful high priest

Hebrews 2:17

Furthermore, we are told, we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathise with our weakness, but…has been tempted in every way, just as we are – yet without sin, therefore, we are able to “approach God’s throne of grace with confidence (Hebrews 4:15–16).

Jesus, I believe, is the special one and knowing Jesus makes me special too. So while why we are battling through these different times keep it in mind you are special.

By the way, this is not an inclusive club. You too can become part of this special one by simply trusting in Jesus (the special one) and becoming part of that special organisation God calls the church.

Author Edward Lawrence

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