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Last night we heard the Prime Minister informing us of the new relaxations he is going to allow us to enjoy from Monday. Although he reminded us to remain very cautious and keep in place those things that we have been doing for the last few months it still brought out for most people an expectancy of hope. Many I’m sure texted, phoned or emailed their loved ones to say when can we meet up. Yes, the excitement and expectancy for many grandparents and indeed for children wishing to see their parents is now just a few days away.

They were in lockdown too. Jesus had made it clear they were not to do anything until an expected event took place. As we saw yesterday they needed the power of the Spirit to enable, equip and empower them to do the work that Jesus wanted His followers to do.

Many of us are hoping that very soon our lives will change dramatically from this lockdown to one once again where we will have the freedom of movement and enjoyment and so we live in the expectancy of that day.

For the followers of Jesus on that day in A.D. 33, it too produced an end of lockdown and indeed a freedom of movement (no more fear) and enjoyment that was to transform their lives. What they received would change their lives forever. They were filled with joy, unity and a sense of purpose, just like our nation will feel in some ways when this lockdown down ends.

Today if you are a follower of Jesus you will certainly be experiencing lockdown in the general sense but I wonder if you are still in lockdown in your Christian experience?

I wonder if you are still unsure if the Pentecostal expectancy is for you or just a one-off event?

I believe the Bible makes it clear that God wants everyone to experience the Pentecostal experience. For me, this was not just given to the 120 people in the upper room. How do I know that? Well, Peter having received his Pentecostal encounter informed the crowd that they too and their children could also receive the promise of the Holy Spirit. Peter backed up his statement by reminding them of the words of the prophet Joel and I believe what Peter said to them is true for you and me. If we want to succeed in all aspects of life we to need that power of the Holy Spirit for enablement, equipment and empowerment to live a life that is pleasing to Jesus.

On Sunday you have a choice. You can just celebrate that amazing expectant event or actually know for yourself their experience. All we have to do is ask.

If you have never experienced it before can I just say the wait of expectancy is over.

Author Edward Lawrence

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