Hope In God For I Will Yet Praise Him

Hope In God For I Will Yet Praise Him

I should put my hope in God and keep praising him, my Saviour and my God.

Psalm 42:11

As we continue this week on encouragement and hope for us all in 2021 I believe the above verse is well worth considering.

We were reminded in our meeting last night that whatever our present situation is there is always someone else worse off than us. That does not demean our situation but help us to keep things in perspective. We were also reminded when we are discouraged to praise God. Yes, praise God.  

David who wrote this psalm was really low. Read Psalm 42 and 43. They are one psalm and you will see David’s plight and how he in his own lockdown could have easily thrown in the towel, but he didn’t. He encouraged himself by saying I should put my hope in God and keep praising him, my Saviour and my God. Psalm 42:11.

David did just that and eventually, after many years David was delivered and made king of Israel. His confidence and faith in God were proved. David praised and I encourage you to do the same. I am leaving you with an amazing true story. I hope you are inspired.

Illustration of Corrie Ten Boom

On Corrie’s and Betty’s first entry into Ravensbrueck, they were starving and Betty was seriously ill. These two women were among 1400 women who were packed into barracks built for 400. 

A daily ration of food consisted of one slice of black bread in the morning and turnips late in the afternoon. 

Corrie had managed to smuggle in a small bottle of liquid multivitamins that you dispense drop by drop, day by day, on the black bread she and Betty ate. 

Knowing they were not being fed fairly enough to sustain life, Corrie wanted to hoard all the drops, but so many other women in their lice and flea-infested dormitory were weak and ill so Corrie began placing a drop of the liquid vitamins on the bread slices of the women nearest them. 

The number of women begging for the drops of mercy soon grew from 15 to 25 and more. It scarcely seemed possible because the bottle was so small, but it continued to produce as many drops as needed. 

Corrie was amazed! She held it up to the light to see how much would remain, but the dark brown colour of the bottle made it impossible to see through. Regardless of how many drops she dispensed, no matter how many times she tilted the little bottle and withdrew the dropper, there was always a droplet of the precious liquid on the tip. 

It was a miracle! In the middle of living a nightmare, Corrie experienced the ample provision of God, who had seen the practical need of the women. This was a serious situation in which Corrie saw the need. Does this inspire us? Does it give us hope in God?

Stay safe and Blessed