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“No Hugs – You Might Have The Bug!”. That was basically the announcement on the radio this morning as I was listening to Classic FM.

The announcer was saying yes we have a new freedom, as we have been discussing this week, but please let’s still be sensible. It was what I discussed yesterday about obeying the rules.

For followers of Jesus hugging is something that takes place when we meet together in the form of a friendly embrace. This was taken from the early church who would embrace each other with a kiss. We of course have to remember the customs of those days which are different to our days. Nevertheless, hugging is generally a part of Christian fellowship.

As we talked about yesterday Jesus obeyed the rules. He also had something to say about love. When challenged by the authorities Jesus replied about loving the Lord God with all your heart with all your soul and with all your mind. Jesus quickly followed that up with the next statement which is loving your fellow human being. Jesus then went on to tell the famous story of the good Samaritan.

I want you to know God’s great desire is that everybody should know God’s tremendous love. While that may not come in the sense of the physical hug we can know the depth and the amazing love of God. In fact, Paul speaking to the church in Ephesus actually said oh if you could only know the height the length the width and the depth of this amazing love you would, in fact, believe that God is able to do the amazing things that would just blow you away. Those amazing things are experienced when we fully know the love of God.

Can anyone give me a word for what God’s love is? Yes, that’s right. It is the word Agape

What does that mean? You are right again. A perfect love 

Where God’s love is, there is no fear, because God’s perfect love drives out fear.

1 John 4:18

This verse shows how perfect love works. In other words, God wants to pour out His love in our hearts so we do not fear. This verse does not mean to say that we can become perfect in fulfilling the command of love. First, the original does not say, our love but “love with us.” It is because God is love, and because He lives in us, that love can be truly accomplished with us.

I hope today you will experience the love of God. If you really want to know His love it’s only a call away as we talked about on Monday. Just a call and God will respond. 

You see the radio announcer said today not to get too close to someone and keep your distance when you are outside and it’s very good advice. Just the opposite with God, He wants to get close and He wants to hug. Yes, He wants to show you His amazing love.

Stay safe and blessed

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